Wealth Creation And Preservation

Most investors want to  either preserve their capital or accumulate more. Here at GFA we believe it is possible to do both. We can accomplish this by careful, disciplined wealth planning tailored to the risk appetite and financial goal of each individual investor.

We realise that YOUR financial situation is but one of many important parts of YOUR life. We will explore with YOU what are YOUR core beliefs around money and investment and how these beliefs may be hindering YOUR ability to preserve or grow YOUR investments up to now.

We will together build a tax-efficient financial plan tailored to YOUR appetite for investment risk that takes account of YOUR financial objectives. These objectives may include some or all of the following

  • moving into your dream home, 
  • making provision for your childrens’ education, 
  • securing a comfortable retirement for yourself (and of course your spouse or partner if you have one!)
  • ensuring you are financially independent for all of your life
  • making adequate tax efficient inheritance provisions for your loved ones.

Bearing this in mind, we can help YOU to take advantages of opportunities in the financial markets, while limiting risk to levels that are acceptable to YOU. The focus here will be to give YOU holistic advice and guidance on how best to structure YOUR investment portfolio as opposed to selling investment products that may be more to the benefit of the product provider than YOU – the investor.

Your Personal Financial Plan

Each new client relationship we embark upon begins with a thorough discovery process. We ask key questions and listen closely to your answers — not just the words but the feeling of the message you are conveying. Once we understand what you value most, we craft a personal profile that reflects your overall financial situation, risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Effective investment requires discipline. We build discipline into the four stages of our investment management process.

  • Getting Organised – we will help YOU establish clear investment goals and determine YOUR risk tolerance and time horizon.
  • Formalising YOUR Investment Plan – we identify and agree an asset allocation model designed to achieve YOUR return objectives without deviating from YOUR risk tolerance level
  • Implementing YOUR Investment Plan – we put in place suitable investment options for YOUR portfolio
  • Reviewing regularily YOUR portfolio’s performance – we review YOUR asset allocations and fund performance in light of changing personal, investment market and global economic circumstances

How it works

Contact us today

Please contact Jack FitzPatrick today on Tel: 086-2541272 or Email jack@gfa.ie to arrange a no obligation appointment with him.

Getting to know you

This meeting is to decide if we would be the right people to advise you and if our service would deliver you significant value for money.


After assembling relevant data, we will present the first draft of your Financial Plan , with a schedule of recommended actions