Mediation Services

Do you need an impartial professional negotiator to help with:

  • resolving the financial issues of your pending separation or divorce?
  • settling inheritance or other family financial disputes?
  • obtaining compensation for an investment loss you have suffered with an insurance or pension company due to their negligence or mis-management?
  • getting your correct entitlements from the Trustees of your Employer’s Defined Benefit Pension Scheme?

GFA are here to help You!

As YOUR negotiator we represent only YOUR interests and our role is to negotiate the best deal possible for YOU with the opposing party without you having to incur large legal bills and the stress and long delays invariably associated with legal proceedings.
We have the experience, knowledge of the workings of the financial environment and the temperament to engage in high-stakes bargaining on your behalf with an errant financial institution or other opposing third party.

How the Process Works

We will firstly become familiar with the financial grievance or loss you believe you have suffered and assess whether you have a reasonable case for seeking compensation. Having familiarised ourselves with the issues involved in your particular case, GFA will then help you develop your conception of what you want and need. Through this dialogue, we will come up with suggestions about what should happen, about where to go next, and about how you can get what you want. Having agreed on a suitable strategy, you can then decide whether you wish to either give us full authority to make or accept offers on your behalf, or to confer with you about any possible offer before accepting same.

As experienced financial negotiators, we also pay careful attention to what the opposing party wants and needs. Understanding the other party’s interests can help us reach an agreement that leaves both parties feeling they have achieved a good result. Such an agreement is not only fair, but is more likely to be honoured, which we believe to be vital.

Please note that the provision of the described SAP product/service does not require licensing, authorisation or registration with the Central Bank of Ireland and, as a result, is not covered by the Central Bank of Ireland’s requirements designed to protect consumers or by a statutory compensation scheme.

How it works

Contact us today

Please contact Jack FitzPatrick today on Tel: 086-2541272 or Email to arrange a no obligation confidential appointment with him.

 Getting to know you

This meeting is to decide if we believe you have a valid case for mediation and whether we are the right people to represent you and handle negotiations on your behalf.


After assembling relevant data, we will discuss and agree with you our strategy for achieving a satisfactory negotiated outcome.