Investment And Retirement

Financial issues can be complicated, and there may be times when it is essential to use the help, advice and expertise of an experienced professional financial mentor to navigate through the problems and pitfalls that present themselves. If you’re thinking of easing back or retiring all together from full-time employment, it is useful to plan for your changed future financial situation as early as possible.

Do any of the following thoughts resonate with you?

  • I would like to be able to cut back my working hours in the next few years but am not sure I can afford to reduce my income.
  • I think I have enough money to retire in a couple of years but am worried about how some of my investments are performing.
  • I would like to sell my business in the next five/ten years but I don’t have a financial mentor I can trust to help me make my dream a reality.
  • I would like to manage my financial affairs better now that I have retired from work.
  • I am due to retire next year but am afraid I will run out of money before I die as my pension, cash and investment income will not match my current annual income.
  • I am not happy my pension and other investments are performing as well as they should be and I could really do with a fresh pair of trained eyes to look at them.
  • I want an experienced financial coach I can trust to help me build and regularly review a Financial Plan that will protect my loved ones and enable me to maintain my current lifestyle when I stop working.

No matter where YOU are on the path to retirement, GFA can help. We’ll assess YOUR current situation, discuss YOUR goals, and then evaluate YOUR current retirement plan or build a new one from scratch…..Together.

GFA are here to steer YOU along a path that will allow YOU live out YOUR golden years financially free.

Your Personal Financial Plan

With more lifestyle choices than ever before, you need to know what a successful retirement looks like to you to understand your income needs.
Making informed decisions at this stage can help you build a better retirement strategy.

GFA will explore with you:

  • Whether you’ve saved enough and ways to save more.
  • How your retirement income and portfolio strategy can help ensure your money lasts.
  • Why devising and regularly reviewing a Financial Plan play a vital role in the quality of your golden years

In retirement, it’s important that your portfolio keep working in order to help your money last – and that means YOU need to stay active in managing it. Actively managing portfolio can help YOU attain both Your Income goals and greater peace of mind about your retirement. We will help:

  • Position YOUR portfolio for retirement income.
  • Have a sound strategy for taking withdrawals from YOUR portfolio.
  • Stay focused on YOUR goals.

How it works

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Getting to know you

This meeting is to decide if we would be the right people to advise you and if our service would deliver you significant value for money.


After assembling relevant data, we will present the first draft of your Financial Plan , with a schedule of recommended actions